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                Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited
                Tel+86 512-62955029
                Fax+86 512-62955096
                AddSuzhou Industrial Park Xinghu Street No. 218, C11 building 4 floor
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                Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited Is the government's key support enterprise, is located in the beautiful ancient city of Suzhou. I take the Department of green chemistry and biotechnology as the core, to research and development as the driver, aimed at domestic and foreign medicine, materials, environmental protection, agriculture, fine chemicals and other industries to provide high-end bio catalytic process, in order to solve the problem of high pollution and high energy consumption of chemical synthesis.

                "Science and technology as the guide, to the quality of the market, to win customers in order to win customers, in good faith and development" is our business purposes. Advanced concepts, first-class technology, professional equipment, perfect testing means and modern enterprise management to provide a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. The company has a certain size of high-quality technical personnel, and through the professional training of Japan wing Research Co., ltd.. The company also has an advanced analysis of the domestic automatic production line.

                In my company research and development, production and sales staff of the joint efforts, the company formed a research and development, production, operation of the scientific, professional and large-scale.

                To our common ideals and beliefs, we invite all people of insight in our cause, our career planning and development of our cause, the hand in hand and are committed to human health science and technology progress, create tomorrow's brilliant.

                All rights reservedSuzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited All Rights Reserved.  Technical SupportTZ-NET.CN
                TEL+86 512-62955029  FAX+86 512-62955096  E-MAILservice@leadbiotechnology.com
                ADDSuzhou Industrial Park Xinghu Street No. 218, C11 building 4 floor  WEBhttp://www.diezi9.com
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