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                Contact Us
                Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited
                Tel+86 512-62955029
                Fax+86 512-62955096
                AddSuzhou Industrial Park Xinghu Street No. 218, C11 building 4 floor
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                Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Limited is located at the Singapore industrial park of Suzhou, one of the high tech hubs in the Yangzi River Delta zone. It's about 1 hour drive to Shanghai. We provide biocatalysis solutions in the field of fine chemicals, especially in the field of small molecular pharmaceuticals. We offer services on new pathway design, enzyme screening, enzyme engineering, strain engineering, enzyme production, and chemical production. The advantage of our technology comparing to conventional way is more cost effective, more environmentally friendly, and safer production.
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                All rights reservedSuzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited All Rights Reserved.  Technical SupportTZ-NET.CN
                TEL+86 512-62955029  FAX+86 512-62955096  E-MAILservice@leadbiotechnology.com
                ADDSuzhou Industrial Park Xinghu Street No. 218, C11 building 4 floor  WEBhttp://www.diezi9.com
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