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                Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited
                Tel+86 512-62955029
                Fax+86 512-62955096
                AddSuzhou Industrial Park Xinghu Street No. 218, C11 building 4 floor
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                Welcome new and old customers to participate the 19th exhibition of CPHI ChinaJune 18-20,2019,Booth:W4D60 [release time2019-02-27]
                Congratulations on Suzhou lead biotechnology Co., Ltd. for joining China Society of Microbiology and China Fermentation Industry Association [release time2018-03-05]
                Welcome new and old customers to participate the 18th exhibition of CPHI ChinaJune 20-22,2018,Booth:W5E72 [release time2018-01-22]
                Welcome new and old customers to participate the 17th exhibition of CPHI ChinaJune 20-22,2017,Booth:E2G76 [release time2017-06-07]
                Fudan University introduced biological waste utilization technologies [release time2017-04-06]
                Unwanted byproduct of cellulosic biofuel ethanol production increase [release time2017-04-06]
                Welcome new and old customers to participate the 16th exhibition of CPHI China, June 21 - 23, 2016,Booth:E2G88 [release time2017-04-06]
                SynBioBeta expert group of international synthetic biology came to our company to visit and exchange. [release time2017-04-06]
                Dr. Xinkai Xie made a report on the summit of VTR bio-industry development and high-level industrial forum in ZhuHai. [release time2017-04-06]
                The pilot production base was established in Hunan province by Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Co, Ltd [release time2017-04-06]
                Won the title of Private Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu Province [release time2017-04-06]
                Congratulations to Dr. Xie Xinkai for obtaining the title of the Science and Technology Leader in Suzhou Industrial Zone [release time2017-04-06]
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